Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week 93:

(I forgot to post this! oops!)

Dear Everyone at home,
Well first off, I didn't fake the picture I sent you, thats why I sent the cell phone one so that you would know it is real :P
Anyways, Week had a qucik 4 days lol because I wrote on wednesday last time, but this sunday was a little bit better. We are working with a family who is going to church. It is just a little hard to teach them, because he does 11 day shifts in the military base, and can only come to church once every two weeks, but he has allready gone 2 times. The only problem is that she is married, and has still not divorced nor separated from her last husband, so that is a long process we are going to start. I might end upgetting hosed like I did in my first area where htey took me out right as we had gone over all those humps (two months of problem solving....) to get a family to baptism, and I got taken out of the area two weeks before their baptism. So whatever. I am staying here for another change. I just feel bad, because now I have 3 months here and have only baptised 1 person. That wouldnt be touogh to say if I wasnt working hard, but we have been working real hard, and would have baptised several people if it werent for all the meddling of the adversary...
But thats it, we will keep working...We should have success somewhere down the line. We have one investigator who accepted a baptismal date for the 3rd of december, but she didnt go to church lame she said she couldnt go because her baby was sleeping.....what a rediculous excuse...we even had her best friend member go to bring her while we were out trying to bring people to church since 7 am.
We need to work really hard this change.
Also I got a pretty cool picture, because My companion knows a bit about photography.
Have fun out there in CA.
Elder Devictoria

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