Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 94

Dear family,
Well it was a considerably better week than last week, even though we are semi-far from baptism. We actually found some pretty amazing investigators yesterday. And I talked with the Elders from my last area, and saw the baptismal report and found out that 2 future priesthood holders that I had found and taught were baptised since I left the area. That makes me feel very good. The seeds I planted there are allready harvested. I feel like all I have been doing here in this area is planting and cultivating... Carolina is still active though, My one convert here :) that makes me happy to see her learning and participating, even if she is kinda bored when she goes haha. We are finding many good people. We were able to bring a very depressed woman named Ana cecilia to church yesterday with her daughter. She is really stressed, and I don´t know if she enjoyed it complately...but seeing as I will be here another change, we have time to work with our invertigators. We also found a great family this week, and we got everyone but the day to go to church, but nexty week he should...
We had a good games night planned by the Elders, seeing as now in our branch there are 4 missionaries. We played several games like the human knot, tug-o-war, a collection game, a baloon popping game, a game called skin-the-snake and more. It was fun, we didnt achieve the main purpose of bringing investigators to an activity, but at least we were able to have fun with the branch.
Happy Thanksgiving
Congradulations on the baptisms Teresa, keep up the hard work.
Love you lots,
Elder DeVictoria

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