Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 96

Dear Family,

Well we had another great week here in Usulutan. The time is passing by really quick and we are working with a lot of people. Sadly we only have a couple who are progressing, but we are truly able to see their testimonies grow.
We have been teaching a family of Brother Noe and Kenia who are living together and arent married yet (She needs to go through a divorce) but they have attended church about 4 times now. This week Kenia called us and said that her baby was sick. She was really really worried. She was crying, and the baby had a fever and a bloated stomach. We explained to her was a priesthood blessing was and we blessed the girl. The next day she called us and said that her baby was healed, so we are happy that god let that happen to strengthen her testimony of the gospel. Noe was in work this week (He is a soldier) and so he couldnt come to church, but Kenia, her three daughters and her mom came to the District conference, which was really really good.

We have a lot of people that we are teaching now who have never heard missionaries before, because they live in a canton called el ojuste. Which actually isnt that far from the church, but it kinda seems like it is. We make it in about 15 minutes walking. But there are a lot of people out there who have only been exposed to catholicism and Jehovahs witnesses, and they dont go to either of them. The majority of the people out there dont go to church which is a minority here in El Salvador. We are struggling with some investigators who are a part member family. The son is the only active member, but the husband and youngest son arent members yet. The boy has gone to church once, but the dad is just a really shy and timid man who is afraid of going to church, even though he has expressed many times to us that he wants to go. Hopefully we can do something to get him to go.

Today we are going to visit a place called el Transito which is about 15 minutes in bus from here. There are 2 families who live there that dont get a lot of attention from the church. One of them is a political candidate for the FMLN (Aka left wing) of El Savador....We have some problems with them sometimes, because members from this party sometimes devote more of their effort to the political party than the church. We had a lot of problems with that in Gotera..... But they are faithful saints for the most part. They have a reference for us :).

So president says that we can use Skype to write home this year for Christmas, so I think we are going to head on over to a cyber on Christmas eve in the afternoon maybe? how does that sound to you guys? just get your skype up and working, and I´ll find a way to get it all up a running here. If I can find a member with a computer I will call sunday....we shall see.

We found an investigator with a Mapacho.

But yeah the end is coming up quickly.
Love Elder DeVictoria

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