Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 95

Dear Family,

Well I guess the results are in dad...we all knew it would come some day...
Its okay though. If you get healthy enough Diabetes can go away. Hang in there.

Well this was a bit of a disapointing week, because a couple of people that we had high hopes of coming to church didn´t go, but I feel that they are chosen people, so we are going to try a little bit more witht hem this week.
I have only baptised 1 person in this area in 4 months,
and I have been working really really hard. I´m not lying. This has been one of my hardest areas, because all the success that was right at our fingertips was taken away at the last second. All of our investigators have really really serious problems. We have recieved very few references from members (Even though we honestly try to get them, just ask my companion) I don´t really think that it is the members fault...sometimes I think they might have some distrust in us because we are both gringos.......and it is wierd for people to see 2 gringos....but I don´t know. I believe that they people are just going through a really proud phase... who knows. All I know is that I have been brought to sadness by all of my investigators due to un'believable problems in their lives. We have been keeping a running total of the Debts that our ivestigators have and we are up to over $50 grand between all of them. Everyone in Usulutan seems to be in debt...
But nevertheless I am happy. I still smile, I just feel like my mission is going out with a cough and sputter intead of a bang. The reason I am happy is because I feel that it is not my fault. We work all week to get people to church. We invite members to the lessons. We leave at 7 am every sunday to bring people to church, and have to get there to only bring 1 or 2 people. I feel like I´m just wahing my hands of the blood and sins of this city every sunday. But WE are doing our part the best we can. We arent perfect, and we waste some time, but we are trying really hard.

The week are really flying past...I went on the BYU site to check my status and stuff, and I´m still unclear if I have a mission deferral. It still has me listed as a former student. I would like you guys to call them and ask them if I am going to be able to start in spring term 2012 (april) because my companion told me that he got a letter back telling him he was accepted tot he mission deferrment with the dates for which he was approved, and I never did, and you ahve to realize that the last time I was in school was spring term of 2009 that means that have passed: Sum2009, Fall2009, Win2010, Spr2010, Sum2010, Fall2010, Win2011, Spr 2011, Sum2011, Fall2011, and will be starting Win2012 in January which I will also miss. It may be that they force me to come home in January to continue my schooling, So I could really use some help getting that all settled, I don´t want to get home only for BYU to tell me that I am no longer a student, and then have to try and re-apply for college with a 2.7 GPA.....I wouldnt get back into BYU. I have sent them an email about it, but they never responded. And seeing as I can´t check my personal email in the mission I have no Idea if they have sent me anything. I looked back into the Majors and took a look at the Chemical Engineering (101 - 103 credits...), Electrical Engineering (91-92), Civil Engineering (94-97), Computer engineering (92-93), Computer Science (73-77), And yes Mechanical Engineering (97-99), But I think after reviewing them a bit that I am going to stick with Electrical Engineering. I knocked CS off my list because it is too easy, it doesnt go nearly in depth enough, I knocked ME off my list, because its a little too competitive (You have to be accepted to the program, and the average entrance GPA is a 3.0 which I dont have right now....), and personally I see the market in decline, ChEn would be good, but I´m not that interested in it, I´m not really interested in Civil Engineering because I think it would be a job I would get bored of, so that leaves me with Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, but I feel that Computer Engineering locks me a bit more into computer science, which I decided I don´t really want to have being my main job. EE still has the open 300-400 level electives that let you specialize into what you want. I also like that EE and CpE majors are some of the most scouted and recruited workers after college. But yeah I have about a 700% more desire to study hard when I get home...

An Grandma I hope that you progress continues in recovery. Health problems are the worst.

Anyways with love,
Elder DeVictoria.

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