Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 101

Dear Family,

This week passed by really fast, we have been working really hard. This area is pure gold. Its a shame that I only get to come here the last change of my mission, but hey thats the way it goes sometimes. There are a lot of prepared people that they had found before I got here, but who werent progressing, but now they are. We had another great week, because we had baptisms. We baptised three youth named Oswaldo, Jasmin and Hisel, who are children of one of the sisters in the ward. They were way prepared. Good stuff. We also were able to bring 9 people to church, even though 2 or 3 that we brought last week didnt want to go. I'm really happy. We are planing to baptise a family the 27th of January, and complete another one that we found this week the 4th of February. God is going to help us meet these goals, because we are working hard, and trying ot be really obedient. It is a lot easier to be obedient and diligent when you arent a zone leader. A lot less pressure. I have found that I work a lot better when nobody is out pressuring me, and I am out on my own.

Thats the good news.
The bad news is that every time I get done reading the letters that were sent to me I have like no ideas about things to write nor desire to think of them lol.

I got my flight plans; I will be coming home the 16th of february. My plane will leave at 2:35 pm on the 16th, go to florida, and leave from florida to SFO at 6:45 so I should get home somewhere around 10pm I think. I'll forward them to you to make sure you get them.

Love Elder DeVictoria,

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