Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 100

Dear Family,
Wow, I only have 5 weeks left!!!!!!!! what?? That is crazy. It has been a good time here in El Salvador....I have seen some pretty crazy stuff in two years.
I have a great new companion. His name is Elder Cerrud and he is from Panama. He only has 6 weeks in the mission, so he is pretty new. It is really fun to be with a new missionary, because they are still unspotted for the world, and undamaged by the apostasy. He is really powerful, his dad is a bishop in panama. We should have a great change together.
I think my new area was prepared just for me. In three days we were able to round up 14 people commited to go to church...and then the miracle, they came!!!!! wow. It was crazy. Thats the most that I have ever been able to bring to church in one sunday. I am happy. Now we have to hard task of getting them to go next week, teaching them the gospel during the week, and getting them baptised before the 16 of February :P
We brought 2 full investigator families, and 1 part member family. It is exciting. God is really helping us out.
The area I'm at is a lot like Gotera, but it is right next to the beach, and it has a port and everything. There are a lot of great members here. Almost all of them tell me ¨Elder this is going to be your favorite area¨ it is so exciting.
Anyways I don't really know who you were talking to on the phone, it might have been one of my friends or converts that thinks I'm home already haha. If she calls again ask her ¨¿Cómo se llama usted? and then write down her name (If you don't understand say ¨¿Puede repetirlo otra vez por favor? ) Then tell her, ¨Se le voy a comunicar, pero a Elder DeVictoria todavía le queda cinco semanas para terminar la misión, pero siempre le puede mandar un correo electronico o dejar un mensaje un su facebook y el le contestará pronto.¨
These pictures are a couple from Usulutan, me with a bunch of boeing stuff that Elder Antonios dad sent us, and the snake that almost bit my companion last night....haha
Love Elder DeVictoria

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