Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 103

Dear Family,

We are going to baptise a family this week!!! We got everything prepared for their marriage and their baptism, and they are super excited to get baptised. We had a long road with them, but now they have gone to church as a family 4 times and they are ready. It is exciting. This area is so amazing. The Lord has brought 14 people or more to church for 3 weeks now. We had 184 members in Sacrament meting :) It is very exciting. My goal is to baptise 6 people before I go home, because they are ready :) Thanks for supporting me on my mission, it has been great. Well worth it. Hey I really need help to see if you guys can find me a job with someone in the stake or at rix, even if they arent going to pay me much. I was thinking maybe they would let me do like a little internship at Rix or something. I don't know. I just dont want to be sitting around, and I dont want to go through the scramble to find a local job only to work for a month and a half. If you guys can make some calls and ask it would be nice, it would help a lot. Tell them I speak spanish :P

Anyways good luck in all the stuff thats going on. Come to church please sam. Keep going.
Love Elder DeVictoria

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