Monday, June 21, 2010

Week 10 in El Salvador: Chambones Chambones gonna walk around.

Dear mooheres and hombrays,
Well not to be pessimistic, but we kinda sucked this week. Not that we weren´t working, but our numbers were horrrible. I dunno it just looks really bad for the Liders, and they probably think we arent doing jack, but the main reason is that we just give like 2 hours lessons and end up using all our time on one person or family. And it feels like everything sucks because we have no progressing investigators, but we actually have a ton of investigators that are just kinda new. Basically they have to be keeping commitments to be considered progresssing, which nobody wants to do. But I feel okay as long as im working the whole week. My companion is a little bit more uptight than my last companion, but I like him, because he like to work. Sad news is that I´m probably gonna get transfered out intot he hot hot heat in like 2 weeks which sucks. I really want to stay here lol. They say that its kinda hard to teach the people out in the boonies, because a lot of them are not educated, so they don´t always get the concepts you are teaching, oh well we will see what happens! lol.
I didnt really take and pictures this week again. Its just such a hassle to get my camara out, and I´m always afraid someone is gonna come and jack me. if they see that I have a cam. But we got to play on an actual soccer field this week for P-day which is a great change, we usually have to play on an "urban field" which is what they have at the stake center, which is just cement and lots of pain when they just bomb it at the goal. Lol but it is definitely better to be playing something fun on pday instead of playing broom hockey which we played like 2 weeks ago. The president made a dumb rule that you cant play the same sport every week or something so every time that we dont play soccer all the baby latinos dont play and it ends up being kinda dumb, but when we play soccer at least we can have a good game.
I hope we can find someone to baptize before this transfer ends...I don´t know who we would be able to baptize though, we only ahve 2 investigators that have come to church, so they are the only possibles. Sometimes I wish I could just write a book about all the stupid stuff that there is in other religions, and how blatantly apostate and flase almost all of them are. But a lot of it is just their pastor´s fault. They just kinda tell them a whole bunch of creed-loaded garbage. But its fun to machete someone when they say something that is obviously against the bible. A lot of times we kinda waste some time just talking to people in front of their houses, but then we can´t count it as a lesson even if we talk for an hour. So our new rule is that we are only going to teach or even talk about anything more in depth than what we do if someone invites us into the house so taht we can have a prayer and count it as a lesson.
Something funny that happened this week is that the J-dubs (Jehova´s Witnesses) came knocking in our neighborhood this week, and I didnt have any clothes on so my companion talked to them, and macheted them a little and we traded pamphlets lol. The poor Jehovas Witnesses have a doctrine that is so convincing, but at the core is ultimately wrong. they changed the bible, and teach their own doctrines without hardly any biblical support. But its just sad because they have allready accepted their translation of the bible as the truth, and so they cant see where the watchtower bible and tract society modified the entire thing to make sense with their doctrine. But we teach them just the same. We have 2 investigators that are Testigos de Jehova, and one is more or less positive. Just funny when people try to preach to us. A kid in the bus handed me a paper about how to accept christ, and basically its all true accept for the part about being saved by saying that you have accepted christ, but nothing he told me is new. Every other church just teaches the very basics of basics of what jesus chrsit did. But every time someone tells me that they allready go to church, even after we have taught them, I just remember what Abraham said, that their are intelligences, and some are small and some are great, but among them are the noble and great ones. These are the people that see the truth and rocognize it. The people we teach allready know that there is more out there, but they dont want to learn more just because they don´t want to recognize the truth. But the noble and great ones will.
We are still teaching english, but we really need to invite more people to the class, bcause we only have like 1 or 2 investigators there each week. But hey its fine..
What more can I sayy.....I dunno, I´ll hopefully take some pics eventually,
A few things though, Some investigators asked me to ask for some good recipes.
I need a good barbique recipe, and some other recipes that you feel like sending me.
But on that note, this week I ate the best food ive had in el salvador. It was like spaghetti, but more like a mix between curry and italian chicken. It was way good, that sister can coook. but yeah please send me recipes. Also one of the members wants you guys to send him an ipod video. LOL
dont do it. But really though it does suck to buy ipods here. They are like 2x the price of what they are in the states.
Hasta la proxima semana,
Mucho amor, Elder DeVictoria.

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