Monday, June 28, 2010

Week 11: Yea That's Right

Dear Family,
So while its fresh in my memory, that bus bombing happened about 30 minutes from my house, and the gangsters dumped gasoline in the windows of the bus and lit it on fire and yeah 15 people died, its pretty much horrible, but that stuff happens all the time here. The problem is that there are three types of busses, 1 are a subsidy of the country, are big schoolbuses, cost 20 cents, and work for wages. The second are called microbuses, and cost 25 cents, and work for comission. and the third are just people who take there vans out and offer rides for a quarter. The big problem is that the gansters charge "rent" for the busses that pass through their territory. The big busses just pay it, the private vans dont have that much trouble, but the microbuses kinda wage war with the gansters, and have hustlers and stuff, and don´t pay their rent when people ask for it, so there are always bus drivers getting shot. Its pretty rediculous. But people get killed here every day, about 5 people have been shot within 5 minutes of my house since I got here. A member in my ward told me yesterday that two guys stopped him at gun point and made him lift up his shirt to show them that he didnt have any ganster tatoos, and they woulda shot him if he did. I guess thats one good thing down here is that ONLY gansters have tatoos, because its just so dangerous to have them. But at least people arent marking up their bodies.
So I´ll continue my letter in the order I took my notes. haha. First off mom, you have told me about Kenny getting put down, and dad, sam and danny going to scout camp for 3 weeks in a row now. In the same way too. haha. But thanks for the recipes, the barbicue was the main one I wanted, because we dont really cook down here. but members do want my to cook with them lol.
Cool bit of information, if you read in the conference issue of the ensign where there is a picture of some el salvadoreans going to the temple in guatemala, that was my stake, and I know about 10 people in that picture :) Thats pretty ballin in my book. I am about 50% sure im gonna get stinkin transfered though. And whats worse we actually have progressing investigators again, and almost all of our investigators are families. We even have a family of 13 we are teaching, all the kids are girls too. Its wierd, there are a ton of families here with only girls for kids lol. Its pretty cool that we got some people to go to church too. My companion and I are still truckin along, we probably wont have another baptism this transfer, but thats okay.
Your job just sounds like nuts Teresa, its sounds like a mix between Barack Obama´s Red Society, and a bunch of hyphy ganstas who didnt graduate, and now qualify for Afirmative Action. As does teresa haha! hehe im kidding I love you teresa. I definitely learned a little new slang in your email, Ive never heard tilt or shmakaruh. But you have never heard of terengo, bicho, or like a thousand other words that they only use in el salvador. Your job is definitely rediculous though haha. But my job at rix was almost as rediculous.
So at the dispensa right now they have snickers on sale 2 for one, so I bought like 8 of them. pretty exciting. Also we had a fathers day activity at the ward which was pretty cool. In the picture the bishop one the daiper changing competition lol, and I caught the kodak moment! haha. Check out the sunset in that one picture, there was red, orange, blue, green and purple. And its still raining like crazy. Well to finish up they are going to put the angel moroni on the temple here soon, so I´m really hoping that We get to go as a zone to see it. Allright peace, learn some more slang, thanks for the recipies, and have fun at band oops i mean scout camp. Earn a lot of merit badges.
Peace homies,
Elder DeVictoria


  1. Just for the record, I purposefully read my last letter so I didn't repeat anything. He's dillusional! ;)

  2. That's some cool graffiti! I hope he never rides the microbuses, it sounds super scary!

  3. It sounds like a scary area. I'm sure you say a lot of prayers for him.