Monday, August 2, 2010

Week 16 in El Salvador: Ni Hao Ma?

Wo shur Elder DeVictoria und ich spreken todos las idiomas.
Hows Sunny California? Its still raining here. Pretty much every day it rains, usually in the night. There are some stinking cat outside our house that are a just soooo annoying, I guess its that "special time" of the year when all the cat are just hungry for kittens...but starting at like 4 in the morning these stinkin cats are just howling and howling! oh my gosh I´ve never wanted to kill a cat so bad in my life. Also our next door neighbors think that the best way to wake up at 5 in the morning is to a good old fashioned 3 hours of gangster regatone at full volume. So basically we just have to sleep through a bunch of music every day. I don´t know if this song is as popular up there, but there is one called "baby baby baby oh" by some white kid that they just love down here. I´m guessing its pretty popular up there, because everything that is popular up there is popular down here. Fun trivia fact, you cant buy real DVDs, or CDs here, its is ALL pirated, I havent seen a real DVD for sale since I got here, not even in walmart, because they know that they cant beat the thousands of stalls around the country. I guess its just not really a law here, they police dont do anything at all, they just sell them in huge stalls alll over the place.
Well I am still sick, but not in the stomach, I just have like my yearly bronchitis again. I think I either got a virus, parasites or dengue, but they say dengue lasts longer than 2 days, and if it is parasites, I should have a fat attack of diareah, fever and stomach pains again in the next 1 or 2 weeks. But we´ll see what happens, I think it was just a virus, because everyone is getting sick right now, members, investigators, missionaries and all. There are definitely a lot of interesting smells down here, I think the most disgusting is the smell of putrid rancid soaper water that is just full of bacteria and has been sitting for weeks. Bleah its like a black color and its just disgusting. The trash smells pretty bad too a lot of times. But we are still working. We didn´t have a baptism last month, which is kinda depressing, but the same family we have been woprking on their papers are really close, they just have to wait 9 more days to get her new birth certificate, then we can take out her ID card, then we can marry them, then they can get baptized. But they are way positive, they have gone to church 5 weeks together without missing a week, and they fasted and payed fast offerings yesterday. How is that for powerful convert lol. But yeah I really hope that we can baptize them before this change ends, because I´m pretty sure I´m gonna go, and I don´t want to go the whole change without baptizing, because that looks really bad. We are putting a date for this 14 of August. Keep the Lopez Alvarado family in your prayers!
Anyways, all the missionaries just left this room, so I need to get off, but I hope all is well in paradise. I heard from all my friends from school this week which was pretty cool, the oldest one has 13 months allready! wow. But yeah I´m not too far behind hehe. PS: I hope you are forwarding these to grandma A, because I havent been writing her by hand because I thought you were.
PPS: Tell grandpa Joe I said Hola, and that I hope Puerto rico is treating him good, I´ve met a couple returned missionaries here who served there.
Adios pues Adios,
Elder DeVictoria

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