Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 17 in El Salvador: Tomorrow is 6 Months!

Hello everyone,
Well as my title says, Tomorrow I will have 6 months in the mission woohoo! 1/4 down almost. I miss the MTC lol. but yeah the mission has been way good for me so far. I´m still in this same area, but this 18th of August is the transfers, and I´m about 80% sure that I´m going this time. I have no Idea where though lol. It is still raining every single night, and usually starts at around 7:00 pm. So If I´m gonna go out to the country where its hot, I hope I got now while its still Cool. I guess it just gets rediculously hot out in the "oriental" as they say. Personally I hope that I stay in close to the center. I don´t have anymore stomach problems at all, so I´m pretty sure it was just a vius. All i have now is some phlem in my throat/lungs still. And I think I gave it to my companion.
As for what you said grandma, I DEFINITELY appreciate the USA haha! All the gringos down here allways talk to each other about how great America is. I guess its kinda prideful, but I am definitely thankful to have been born in such a prosperous country. It definitely gives me the opportunity to progress.
I guess teresa knows alllllll the secrets now. Its too bad, I was thinking that we could keep teresa out of the cool kids club for longer.
I can´t tell you how much I miss American food. El Salvadorian food is just not all that good. The only thing I really like is pupusas, I know I´ve allready told you this. But Mexican food is probably 8 times better than el Salvadorian food. But the people are great so I can endure the gross food.
We are stillw roking to baptise this family. We put a date for the 14th of august, but it is all dependant if we can get their papers together this week. Its gonna suck If I taught this family for a whole transfer and then I have to leave and someone else comes and baptized them their first week here, not even knowing their story or personality. At least they will get baptized though. Thats all that really matters. And I know that they will, its just a matter of getting everything done legally.
Well I don´t have that much more to say. Just know that I love you guys and I´ll see you in 18 months. And its is AWESOME that me and teresa get home the same month! Hahaha,
Send me a chinese book so I can catch up.
Much love, Elder DeVictoria.

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