Monday, November 1, 2010

Week 30 in El Salvador: I'm Gonna Try and be as Creative as Teresa Today

We baptized :))
I have to admit it was a very very stressful sunday, I don´t know maybe its just me, but baptisms just stress me out sometimes haha. I find it very stressful because 90% of the time something happens at the very very very last minute that makes it so we "can´t do the baptism". But I guess thats part of being a missionary, just the horribleness of the tripping stones that satan puts in the way of your baptism. But in the end everything went well, with a lot of praying and a lot of faith we were able to do the baptism as planned. It was really complicated because the older brother Wilber who was going to do the baptism needed to be ordained to a priest, and he decided to go to a class instead of come to church. Guillermo came to church and was super depressed because his brother wasn´t going to be able to baptise him. My companion pretended not to be stressed out and just was saying that I was going to do the baptism, but we worked really hard to get Wilber there and in the end all came out well. Thanks for your prayers.

Now we are working on a couple of other investigators, the best of which are Cristian Eduardo who has a date for this coming weekend, and a hermano named René deJesus. If you could keep them in your preyers I would appreciate it. We finally got book of Mormons in the zone now, so we should start to have more success with that.

Teresa congrats on calling Elder Nelson, Elder Oaks. haha.
I have to tell you a couple funny stories to lighten the mood, My companion elder Bac is completely tone deaf. And yes you guessed it he never stops singing haha. It doesn´t bother me at all, but its just halarious because he is Always singing lol. Imagine just every note of a song completely off tune, like random sounds for each word. But he is a good Elder, and he has had a lot of success in the mission. I´m guessing we are going to have another change together at least.

A week ago we had a Multizone meeting, and President Pérez basically just layed down the hatchet the whole time for being wicked in the mission. The following week he sent 2 missionaries home. The average is like 1 missionary a month gets sent home...its pretty harsh, but there are a lot of stupid missionaries. One thing he pointed out was that we have to wear our ties really that they cover out belt buckle...yeah I don´t know what hes thinking, I just do it haha. but that will help you to understand one of my photos.

I bought some shoes at a place called don chilos for 6 bucks and I´ve been using them like every day to take away the wear of my other shoes...I don´t even wear my big boots, because size 13 and a half is just huge on me and it looks awkward. Maye if they send me out in the boonies I´ll start using them again.

I´ve been trying to learn to play piano. I´m pretty good at the top hand now considering I don´t have any way to practice. usually I just play on pdays every once and a while, or when we are waiting for a meeting to start. I really want to buy a small basic electric piano so that I can practice in the house....but I have no idea where to buy one or how much it would cost...But I´m hoping by the time I get home from my mission I´ll be able to play on a basic level.

'JÏ\±}4îÄ32┌9æc♠♣421-•8N-♀.╚§╚███àAA{♀ -A-bNL.♪♪▼ dang I was trying to find some chinese characters, but they didnt show up..

Allright I know I´m not as creative as teresa, but its kinda hard to write something exciting when every day is the same. lol
I believe I can see the future....because I repeat the same routine....(nine inch nails)
hope alls well in paradise!
Love Elder DeVictoria

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