Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 31 in El Salvador: Things are looking up, I have a feeling that means Teresa is right and I´m headed for another transfer

Dear Family,
I would have to agree with teresa, I will probably get transfered soon, because we are starting to line up a lot of baptismal dates. We have 2 firm dates for this month, and like 4 possibles. I feel like the areas go in cycles of baptism. Elders come in to a dead area and start looking for new people, after a transfer they have a few investigators with baptismal dates, but almost all of them fall through, and then the third change you baptise them all. Thats the cycle if you have two good Elders together lol. Sometimes you get lucky and find some golden investigators or get a really good referral and they get baptised, but most of the time its just challenge after challenge to get someone baptised. For example, we found this brother named René, and the first two lessons he was all super positive, (he still is) but after a while he has just had all these trials placed in his way. For one thing he is a Jehovah´s Witness, and the members of his church come and visit him every single day, he told us that he thinks they have spies that find out who we are visiting haha. But thats a huge roadblock with him, and we are trying to work around it. Also his uncle is dying, his daughter just gave birth, and he got ripped off on a car sale. So its pretty rough for him. But we are going to have to work for him for another month at least, because he drank alcohol. But we do have an 83 year old investigator who is super positive, and has a baptismal date for this 20th :) but changes are the 10th :( I´ll probably get owned again like I did in my last area. When I left we had put 4 baptismal dates, and the transfer after I left all four got baptised, as well as 3 others who we had been teaching. I just figure the presidenthad some kind of inspiration for the change, and I trust him.

I have a picture with her.ooohhh meowmeowmeow
Also I have a couple other pictures and stuff some of them came out crappy.

Btw, I am fine, I weigh like 165 pounds, I´m not skinny, I still have muscle, and I eat more here than I did at home.
I have lunch cooked for me every day by a sister in the branch, and we lined up Dinner at a restaurant for the month, so I have people cook real food for me two times a day. The only time I eat ramen is at breakfast once in a while. Other times I eat beans, or eggs, or candy....oh yeah candy is good. But really I´m not skinny, I´m like fatter than ever.

Teresa don´t get mad at your companions or you will have a crappy time with them. For example I didn´t get mad at my companion when he decided to equalize his Chi at 6 huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuHUH!

I asked about the piano in the distriution center and it costs 91 dollars (ouch). I´m not even sure if we are allowed to have them.

By the Way, You CAN send me digital photos.

Allright well I´m allready out of stuff to say.
Stay Sweet,
Elder DeVictoria

Notice the name of the Elder in the one picture: Elder Santa :)

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