Monday, December 27, 2010

Week 46: Num45

Merry Christmas,

Well this week was a bit more interesting, I finally got changed from the death hole Layco. Now I´m in San Francisco Gotera. The took out the other pair of missionaries that were here, and just my companion and I are her for the next change at least. So the whole department is ours now. It is super different. We have to take a 45 minute bus ride to get to the nearest big city for Pdays and stuff. We also have a lot of Cantónes which are like little villages that are ourside of the big city, and like off the highways. Kinda like if you could imagine Hatch how theres a lot of turn offs on the road that go out to a bunch of little cononies of houses. Its kinda different. Its harder to bring people from those places to church, because they have to take a bus to get there and nobody likes to pay for buses.

The imagery is basically just dry dusty and barren. Kinda like Lodi/east stockton in the summer, the only difference is that mangos, bannanas, papayas, and coconuts still grow here. I guess the main industry is farming and cattle production....even though its pretty dry here.

I think I´m gonna get fat here. basically every house you go to give you food. And its really bad manners not to eat what people offer you here. We don´t een have to buy food anymore, if we are hungry we just go visit a family, or even go knocking doors lol. But it makes up for the $5-10 of transportation that we have to use every week. I´m allready pretty fat from my last area, but here I´m gonna get even chubbier I think. Thats okay, maybe I´ll get parasites and lose some weight from that...

The work seems pretty good here, people let you in their houses, and a lot wil listen to you. The main stuggle is the same as always, just getting people to church. Nobody commits to going to church, because basically if soeone from El Salvador goes to church with the missionaries they get baptised.

Grandma I´m not able to visit that family that you sent me, because they live about 4 hours away form me, and they might be in the other mission, but I can write down the refferal and send it to the office I guess.

I´m jealous that you got a sweet computer chair. Its about time, I hated that disgusting smelly, broken down one that you had before that squeaked every ime you sit down. I´m not that jealous of the rugs...but I´m happy that danny got a bike, because that means he will stop using mine. (not like it works anymore, I´m about 95% sure that my bike has at least one flat tire.)

By the way guatemalans aren´t bad missionaries. A lot of them work really hard, but the majority have some wierd things about them. Like how my last companion used to get really mad and walk out of the room if I mentioned the United States....thats one in like 50 things that were just wierd about him. He was a really frustrated person on the inside I think.

Teresa you are so Inicua (wicked). In my mission we aren´t alowed to go anywhere near the beach. In most areas that have beachfront we arent even allowed to knock doors near there. One missionary climbed the volcano of San Salvador, and president left him as junior companion his whole mission lol. It was a Tongan guy haha.

But yeah alls well in paradise.
Love Elder DeVictoria.

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