Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 49: Week number...oh bleah I already forgot

Hola familia Todavía estamos trabajando con la familia Martinez. Ellos tienen una fecha por este 22 de Enero, y han ido a la iglesia 2 veces. Están listos. Solo necesitamos seguir visitandoles, y nececitamos la ayuda del señor. Realmente, ellos necesitan todas las oraciones que pueden tener, les pido que oren por ellos especificamente, porque hay mucha apostasía que Satanas tira a los investigadores. El hermano Sipriano está en el proceso de dejar su iglesia apostata, y ellos lo saben. Entonces yo adivino que esta semana va a ser una batalla entre nosotros y las fuerzas de las otras iglesias, y por esto necesitamos todas las oraciones possibles. Más que esto la rama está bien. Todavia puede ser mucho mejor, pero hay muchas miembros fieles. Elder Sacalxot es un buen compañero. El es uno de los más obedientes que he tenido.
translation from babelfish:
Still we are working with the family Martinez. They have a date by this 22 of January, and have gone to the church 2 times. They are ready. We only needed to continue visiting to them, and nececitamos the aid of the gentleman. Really, they need all the orations that can have, I ask to them that they pray specifically by them, because apostasía is much that Satan throws the investigators. The Sipriano brother is in the process to leave to his church apostate, and know they it. Then I guess that this week is going to be a battle between us and the forces of the other churches, and by this we needed all the possibles orations. More than this the branch is well. Still it can be far better, but there are many faithful members. Elder Sacalxot is a good companion. He is one of most obedient than I have had. By the way that includes you guys, we really need all the prayers we can get this week for the Martinez famila (Sipriano, Reina, Wendy, Israel, and Ezequiel). I figure that if you guys can´t understand that, you can always put it in a translator lol. Thats what I wrote to president this week, it basically includes all of the major points of the missionary work. Oh and Grandma I sent your refferal, but I don´t know exactly when it will get there, it will probably take a while, because we can´t call people, and the picture with the address has to wind its way throught he mission mail system, and then has to wait till the office either visits the other office in the west mission or they come to us...but I´m trying lol. And if you were wondering, yes I do have more cat pictures!!!!! The kittens are growing!!!! some of them opened their eyes!!!! aaaaaahhhhhhh they are so cute. I got all 5 of them together and took some pictures, but they didnt come out that well, because the room was kinda dark. Oh I miss Edward. We had a youth activity up in the northern-most cty of Morazan, its called Perquín. Its pretty high up. Its actually a lot like the sierras in California. It was pretty cool. Theres this rich family that is making a house up there, and we took pictures in the terrain behind their house, it reminds me of home haha. We had a lot of fun activities and we brought like 6 investigators, but we spent like a whole day up there lol. It just makes me so happy to think about how much more I like this area than I did Layco. Ugh, I think maybe president sent me to Layco to prepare me to come here. Because yeah this branch has a lot of problems, and its really far away from the rest of the zone, but on the bright side it is so much easier to work here than it was in Layco. I feel sorry for the missionaries whoa re there right now (Elder Bac, and Elder Nelson) hahaha....thats mean. Haha oh Rix former employer lol. The funniest thing about that picture you sent me was the commentary, why? because the picture looks exactly like you guys!!! haha Your perceptions aren´t far off from the truth. Oh great is it gonna be when you finally get a wierd Well I wish you the best of luck with all your Asians......or actually pacific islanders. My DL right now is a Samoan guy. His whole family is fromt he islands, even though hes from L.A. I asked him what its like being Samoan. He told me " Its cool man, I really like it." I asked him if they eat a lot and he told me "yes". Haha. Yeah its pretty cool being a missionary too. Definitely worth the trip. You learn a lot on your mission. For example: I´ve learned how to make pupusas, how to work with a horrible companion, how to speak spanish, how to recognize a crazy person from the first visit (we found one a couple weeks ago, and only this week did we find out the extent of her craziness. BUT I called it from the first visit :P ), How to run a branch, How to get down, and cut open a fresh coconut, how to talk to strangers, how to machete people with the scriptures, The reasons why our church is the true church, The value of not being inicuo.... And a lot of other things.. You learn a lot of stuff. I guess Teresa learned all about Buddhism. Sam guess what, when I get home, you can put your papers in!!!! Just get ready so that you can go on the mission fast! And good luck on the play. Okay thats about it. I´m still waiting for you guys to send me all those pictures of our family. and to send me pictures of the daily life. For example: I really want a picture of the Russian Sam with his shirt off. If you don´t take one, I´m gonna cry. Love Elder DeVictoria

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