Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 50: Semana Loca

Dear Family,

Yeah this week was nuts. Basically I only worked in my area like 2 days of the 7.
Monday: Pday
Tuesday: Divisions with the ZL´s
Wednesday: Only worked 3 hours then had to return to San Miguel
Thursday: We had a mission conference with Jay E. Jenson from the Presidency of the Seventy. Thats like the 6th General Authority/Area Seventy that I have met personally on the mission. It was pretty cool. He didnt really plan anything, he just kinda started teaching for like 3 hours. It was funny how freaked out Presidente Perez was though haha.
Friday: We had to do another interview so I was on divisions again.
Saturday: Baptism!!! (1)
Sunday: Baptism!!! (2)

But yeah it was pretty hard to pull it all off. The Martinez Family got baptized!!! Oh but Saturday was just the most stressful day of my mission. It seems like when you are trying your hardest to help someone make covenants with God, especially a family, Satan just goes all out on the opposition to try and get you to fail. This week it was just a bombardment of apostasy. I´m going to tell you guys how horrible the last 3 days were before the baptism. Tuesday the whole family said that they wanted to get baptised, and were all positive. On Friday the daughter decided that she didnt want to get baptised. I think it was that time of the month because she was just agravating. Anyways on Saturday we brought them to the baptism, and like the whole branch was there. Then both the children decided that they didnt want to get baptised. Cipriano and Reina got changed, and then Both the children decided that they didnt want to get baptised. After like an hour of trying to convince them to get changed, Cipriano went in a room and changed back into his clothes. Oh that was just the most horrible thing in the world. It just killed the whole spirit of the thing. But the mom Reina still held strong so even though we came with 4 baptisms planned we were gonna leave with 1....It was soooooo horrrible. Oh just disgustingly horrible. But then after Reina got baptised, Isrrael the son decided to do it too. Anyways after the service we challenged Cipriano and Wendy for Sunday in the morning. And thanks to the prayers of all of you, We were able to baptised all 4 an confirm all 4 in the sacrament meeting. It just takes a toll on you though...

So basically our goal is to find another family for February. Keep us in your prayers.

But now all is relaxed. So thats good. They can´t un-baptise themselves...or maybe they can. but they wont, because they know that the church is true.

Thats all I really have to write today. You are right mom, those pictures are pretty boring. Maybe its just because Antioch is so dead this time of year. Mom you arent halle berry. Haha Teresa, my advice is that if you want to work harder you can just turn up your companion´s pacemaker while she is asleep, and then the working pace will increase!

Till next time,
Elder DeVictoria.

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