Monday, January 31, 2011

Week 51: Weekly email

Dear Family, WellI guess I´ll start off with my comments to Teresa, The grafiti of taiwan is weak. I wish I had more pictures of the Grafiti here, but its kinda dangerous to take pictures of the cool stuff. Question, do you actually understand all those chinese characters? Something tells me no... but I´m curious . I´m so glad I don´t have to deal with chinese culture, Latin culture is so much more relaxed. Mom when you sent me those pictures from home this week, it is just so wierd to see how things are there. Our house looks so much different... Its like a castle, and it looks really big. When I show people down here a picture of our house, they literally drow their jaws. Its pretty huge, also there arent any wooden houses out here like they are up there. Its also really wierd to see that cloudy winter look. I havent seen that kinda setting in basically 9 months. One thing I´ve really noticed living down here is how much money we waste on gas. A lot of places that we could easily walk, we drive our car lol. Here if you have a car, you are someone with a very stable job, and you only use it for work basically. I feel like the gas prices have spiked too. I saw gas prices at $3.80 a gallon this week. Yikes how horrible. Also Eddie is HUGE, he is just SO BIG, wow it startled meto see how large he is, He is like a lion! But maybe I´m just used to the skinny, bony ones that are down here. Just an update on the kittens; They all have their eyes open, and they are WALKING!!!! but they are like 1/30 the size of Eddie. Just to re-iterate, Sally is ugly, and eddie is cute. Dad has a laptop? Btw, I´m in on the tie underground too. Anyways the week was pretty sucky here. Sometimes we just get bogged down with a lot of activities, and we don´t really get a whole lot of time to do misionary work. We really need to find some new investigators, we don´t really have any right now. And its the start of a new month, and the start of a new change. If we find someone in the next 2 weeks that goes to church we can baptise in February. Thats the goal. The good news is that our entire zone baptised, and only 16 out of the 80-something area of the mission didn´t baptised. President will be happy. As for the branch mom, We usually have between 45 and 60 people at sacrament meeting. There are a lot of members here, but the problem is that a lot of them are kinda unreliable to go to church meetings. But this week we had a Branch training meeting with president Pérez and his counsilors, and This sunday we had a branch council, and we are working on getting all the organization down. We don´t have an elders quorom, and only like 1 active teacher, But we have a couple Relief Society, and young womens. But yeah we should be getting all of that up and going, and we have a couple perspective elders who were baptised in this last year. We also have changes next week, so we will see what happens. Just pray for us either way that we will get some investigators. Love elder DeVictoria. Fotos: A carwash we did in the DL/ZL area, My companionand I picking mangos, and the martinez family when we had a birthday party for israel.

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