Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 52: Weekly email

I have to make a confession. I accidentally killed a kitten last night. Oh I was so sad, I was crying. It was in the dark, and i stepped on it. I think someone had allready stepped on it or run it over...but i finished it off.. It was so sad, it was like the time the chinchillas died.

Eddie is so fat though.. He has a mane! he is a man cat now.

This week went by fast. We basically just looked for new people every day...I wish we could find them. I think I contact about 10% of the contacts that Teresa does. I hardly talk to anyone in the streets lol. I don´t know it just doesn´t come into my mind that I should talk to people.

Its so horible but I don´t really have anything to say today lol. Just a boring week.

I guess one interesting thing that we had been doing is that there is a park near our house where a bunch of men play soccer every morning, and we have been going every morning to do our exercises playing soccer. I´m getting a lot better at it lol.
Btw that is a really good picture of my companion and I.

Anyways much love from San Francisco (Gotera)
Elder Devictoria

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