Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 53: Dia de San Valentin?

Dear Family,

Yes I did get your valentines card, thanks for the pictures too. Also I forgot to tell you guys, I got the cristmas package you guys sent too. Thank for the stuff. I wear the shoes a lot. A lady in the street tried to buy them off me when I was walking back to the bus stop from the church....she really wanted them...and I was really hesitant, but I was like maybe she would feel really good if she had them, so I told her okay I´ll sell them to you for 5 bucks, and shes like ooohh thats way too expensive! What a weenie, I bet it cost us like 25 bucks at least just to get them here, needless to say I didnt let them go. I feel pretty tired right now, we just got back from the church from playing soccer.

This week we had a pretty fun activity with the youth. We had a big valentines day activity with secret friends and a bunch of games and food and stuff. We had like 15 kids there. We had a picture with all of our gifts.

We are working with a girl named Vanessa for this next saturday. Keep her in your prayers. I think she will do it, she allready told us she wanted to get baptised, and her parents want her to get baptised, and shes been going to church. basically its a mercy baptism from God. But as I say in my journal often, you win some, you lose some. I had a great dilema this week, because the 10th of February, my journal count got to day 365, the following day I had to make a decision between keeping the count going up, or starting the count down :P I decided that the counting up is less baggy.

Another of the kittens died. But it wasn´t my fault. It just kinda got sick and died. I should probably take more pictures of the mission life. Its just that everything is basically the I never feel the urge to whip out the camara to take a picture of something I´ve seen several times before...haha but I´ll try to remember to take more pictures.

Congradulations on the play sam. Keep working hard and keep the long term picture in view, You only have 4 months left till you are out of high school.

Teresa good luck in china.

Grandma Joanne have fun on your camping trips.

Aaron, keep it up, you have my support.

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