Monday, February 21, 2011

Week 54: Weekly Email

Buenos Días,

Well family, another boring week lol. The good news is that we baptised this week. We baptised a girl named Erika Vanessa. I´m not a big fan of strengthening the primary, but at least she likes church, and her family is decided in going. I´m happy for that.

I think this is the first area that I have gotten almost to the 2 changes mark, and I am not broed of the area. It is a really cool area. The only thing that holds the work up here is the personal dignity of the people, and the small branch. This branch has had a lot of problems in the past, and recently (7 months ago) there was a big problem with the offerings, and yesterday we had the church audit...what fun. haha.

One thing that I have really noticed here is that almost all of the stake presidents I have met are realy good people. The cream of the crop as far as humble diligent people goes. On the bishops and branch presidents side the quality is a little more variable....but that is because of the lack of lifelong members here. Many of the bishops and branch presidents are converts of less than 5 years. In Las Cañas our bishop only had 3 years as a member in the church, but he was a really amazing bishop. He did his work well, I wish I had that kind of support from a ward nowadays. If we had a strong ward here I could see us baptizing a lot of people. I´m not sure how our mission came out last year for baptisms...but my friend wrote me, and told me that his mission in salt lake city south baptised like 2300 people last year. President Perez only has like another 4, or 5 months until he finishes his service as president.

Haha teresa, your letter made me laugh when you wrote about the elder that broke his ankle! haha muy bien pancho. I think at least once a week a drunk guy follows me with a machete. This could have to do with the fact that like everyone has a machete here, and that there are a ton of drunk people in the streets. This one guy wanted to stone us the other night haha. Its like a throwback to soddom and gomorrah (literally...maybe I´ll tell you that storyt some other day. haha) But really the area that I´m in now is soooo relaxed. There are hardly any gangsters, and they arent even like the horrible gangsters that are in soyapango.

Well thats about all I got for today. Elder Sacalxot forgot to bring the bills for our expense report, so now they are going to send us 80 dollars less next month :(

Hey mom maybe if we are lucky Sally will die. Just for the record I am 100% against buying thyroid pills for a dog when they don´t even do anything for a person.

Sam the senior project is worth like 40% of your HAVE to do it. you will fail guaranteed if you dont do it.
Teresa says that I cried every day when I was 13 haha. Danny resist the urge to be lazy. just remember responsible people are the winners in life. You miht not win the short term prize, but your long term reward is allways much better.

Also I just want you to notice the difference in skin tone between my feet and my arms in the picture I´m sending.

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