Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Week 73: I'm Smiling

Hello family,
I just got like blindsighted when I saw the pictures. When you said kofi in the letter I thought you were talking about a Kofi that I knew in Antioch who was one of Josh Gervacios best friends. I cant believe that all of my cousins are getting married too... and at such a young age. They are younger than me.... How wierd. Something that has occured to me lately is that Teresa and I are gonna get back from the mission around the same time...so that means that we are gonna get married around the same time, have kids around the same time ect. Pretty wierd though right.
This week went by fast. We got to know the new mission president. He is really calm and humble. He is from Orem.
But yeah we basically have a free baptism. Her name is Marta Alicia and she is the oher daughter of one of the bishops councilors. She basically just decided one day that she wanted to be a member of the church, and a missionary. She came to church. We taught her, gave her a pamphlet and told her to do the extra study, and she did it, explaining the whole lesson to us when we taught her the enxt time, so we gave her another pamplet and so on. She even put her own baptismal date for next weekend. Shes way cool.
Hey mom find me some pictures on facebook of people I know and exciting stuff that has happened in their lives if you can. Also take a picture of danny with his army gear on, with his gun a beret a mustache and a fake cigar for me. Then get one of Dad with his canteen collection and straps on with a gun on his motorcycle. That would be really cool. Also take a picture of Eddy with a little beret on with a gun too.
Allight thats about all for now. I´m not much for writing these days, everything is always the same. Heres a picture of my out in the boonies in Chapeltique.
Love Elder DeVictoria

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