Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 74

Dear Family,
I have no idea how, but we did so much this week that I almost can´t remember all of it...
The new big thing is that we have a new president, and he definitely has a really different way to run things than president perez.
We had interviews with him and stuff. And we had a really cool experience with the stake president here in San Miguel. Maybe I´ll tell you guys someday, I dont feel like writing it.
We had baptisms! Martha Alicia got baptised! And I have no idea how but the elderes in roosevelt pulled out 3 solid converts out of like thin air. It was great. Pacifica also baptised which We were happy about. We had a mini Noche Blanca.
She might be one of my most powerful converts in the mission. We just have to start teaching her more doctrine and loading her up with tasks and get her a calling. She is awesome.
We went on divisions with some priests (and a primary) from our ward. Its was pretty fun even though we were only out for a little while. Its been raining like every day here, and all the kids got wet and soaked haha. It was fun though.
One of the coolest things is that is happenening right now is that we have the open house for the temple, and we got to go today. We basically had to waste our whole Pday, but it was really cool. It is a LOT smaller than theoakland temple. The baptristry was like the biggest room, and they had the 3 room layout instead of the one room one that we have in oakland and in provo. but the rooms were TINY. like maybe 40 people could go through a session. But it was still pretty cool. One of the interesting htings was that they had a video about the history of the temple in El Salvador that was really cool. The first date of missionaries here was 1949 I think, and during the war there were only missionaries serving who were from El Salvador. during hte war El Salvador was the cheapest mission in the world. The monthly budget for each missionary was 100 colones, which was like 30 dollars at the time. Basically they depended on members for eveything...well that doesnt have to do much with the temple, but yeah it was fun. I felt kinda wierd thoguh, because all of the other elders were either new, and I didnt know them, or they all had a bunch of friends from all the areas they have been in, and I didnt really have many, because I have only had 4 areas lol... I feel like im a sister. I think teresa allready caught up with me.
anyways enjoy the photos. and send me some. Its boring just reading.
Love elder DeVictoria.
(I looked closely and I don't think that casted arm is his :S)

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