Monday, January 2, 2012

Week 99

Dear Family,

This was an entertaining week. We are working hard and we had a great occurance this week are church. The whole family of Ronaldo (The kid we baptised last week) came to church after over a month of working witht them. It made me so happy to see them there. Also I am getting changed out of this area. I know where I am going too seeing as my companion has like all information haha. I'm going to the hottest area of the mission. The beach front. Its called La Union. I'm super excited to go. It is one of the most powerful branches in the mission, and It always baptises. And I get to be a stepdad again. even though I'm not going to be training, I feel that this is a great opportunity. Happy new years, I second what Sister Wei said at the end of her letter.

Love Elder DeVictoria

1-A visitor in our house (yeah it really hurts when they sting you)
2-What happens after you burn like 1000000 fireworks in the street?

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